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Historic South Downtown

The Historic South Downtown, Community Preservation & Development Authority, (HSD), is a public development authority created by the State of Washington. It is the first agency of its kind established by the State to work with two specifically designated communities to restore and enhance the health, safety, and economic well-being of residents, businesses, property owners, and employees of an area adversely impacted by the construction of or the ongoing operation of major public facilities, public works, and capital projects with significant public funding.

HSD does not have the power of eminent domain nor any authority to levy taxes or special assessments. Rather, it relies upon State appropriations. For the 2007-2009 biennium, the Legislature provided start-up operating funds of $350,000. HSD is governed by a locally-elected thirteen-member Board of Directors.

The agency is required to maintain public accountability to its constituency through elections and through an annual Town Hall meeting and to the State through biennial reports to the appropriate committees of the Legislature.


Other Funding Sources

This section features a brief listing of additional funding sources to help leverage your projects.

Additional City of Seattle Funders:

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